Our Philisophy

We decided to create Respawn after seeing little very effort being put into growing the esports and gaming community alongside education. Through our events, programmes, workshops and tournaments we will support the growth of esports in New Zealand while proving the benefits and skills esports can bring to peoples lives.

Working with councils, businesses and communities to create better understanding of gamers attitudes while benefiting those gamers and esports. Our team has run many events over the last 5-10 years, from small weekly gatherings to 10,000+ annual events at arenas! Running these events showed us the sheer cost of hiring one off spaces for esports and gaming events, and everything that comes with them adds to the projects overall cost and ultimately the price that falls on our attendees.

We will be hosting weekly, monthly and annual events at Respawn to ensure all gaming communities have the space and availability to enjoy their games at a much larger scale than just at home or online. Building communities this way and giving power to those who step up to run events will ultimately bring society together and benefit all of our youth.


We help build communities and give them a place to thrive and grow. Without communities within gaming, we are nothing.


Our goal is to show the viability of esports through growth in NZ. Providing a space for players and fans of esports to feel respected and in their element is our passion.


We strive to be the friendliest, cleanest and safest esports centre in the world. We provide a location that is comforting to everyone.


Through esports, there are many pathways for life. We show these avenues through our workshops, esports programmes, tournaments and infrastructure.

We focus on having the most friendly, clean, comfortable and respectable venue within the whole country for gaming.

Our gear is suited for any and all gamers, ranging from casual to the highest level. 


Alongside all our gaming systems we provide our commercial kitchen creating delicious meals, hot desking options, private hire and birthday parties, large and regular events and tournaments for a large range of esports games.


On top of all this, we like to think that we are also giving back to the community in a positive way.
Educating our youth, using our excess stock for those in need, providing free access for game developers and students and more.

Our Team



Jackson has been within the esports industry for over 10 years. Creating brands, communities and supporting gamers throughout the country.

His passion is the development of esports in New Zealand, giving our youth new opportunities where him and his peers never had.


Creating Respawn has been a dream of his for a while, a venue dedicated to the growth of esports and betterment of our communities



Sio has been working with communities for as long as he can remember.
Volunteering for mens shelter, computer trainer and a hub supervisor all the while building up Arepa Gamers Club, a group dedicated to benefiting gamers of all different backgrounds.

Bringing in his passion for community building and experience from running multiple gaming lounges, Sio is the driving force behind our culture and values



Education Advisor

Brosnon is not only a teacher, but a gamer and parent. He is focused on providing for his students and own children, a way forwards in this ever changing world that is realistic about their opportunities.


He created the Esports in Schools programme to show career paths and demonstrate the benefits of esports to not only students, but to parents/caregivers and teachers who are lost of how to connect with our youth.




Kitchen Advisor

Monica has worked in the restaurant business for over 10 years, working as a head chef throughout the Wellington region. Currently the Head Chef at a well renowned restaurant and cafe, she brings the experience of working in a high pace kitchen pushing out quality meals every day.


Her experience leading everyday will allow her to train our staff to an excellent standard, teaching them how to maintain the highest standards and quality presentation of our items

Want to work with us?

Whether it is a one off event, a fundraiser, educational project or something else, we would love to hear from you.