Level Up Holiday Programmes

Looking for something a bit different and engaging over the school holidays?

Respawn you covered over the school holidays!
School kids aged between 10 – 16 focusing on using technology alongside gaming to learn!

Using child friendly programs that translate into real skills, suitable for all levels of gamers.
The programs in use will be TinkerCAD, Minecraft, Minecraft Education Edition and Dreams.

Running from 9am – 3:30pm, Monday to Friday over the April Holidays.

Each day has a different subject and programme in use, catered to your childs skill level and previous experience.

Learn to make a 3D model in TinkerCAD and 3D print it, play with Minecraft Redstones and build some amazing mechanisms, design up their own game or movie with Dreams without any coding!

Pricing per day is $40.
Lunch being available for $10 with the options of a burger, nachos or chicken nuggets with fries. Fruit, muesli bars and water will be provided throughout the day.
Stretches and breaks are compulsory every hour with specific exercises created by our friends at Oni, Wellingtons premium personal training gym focused around mobility and nutrition.

Our shop will be closed to the public while the holiday programme is running to ensure we can provide a safe and comfortable environment.

Monday – Friday Layout



Minecraft Monday : Using Minecraft to build a base of their dreams and learning about Redstone devices to use  within that home base.


TinkerCAD Tuesday : Jump into 3D modelling and printing with TinkerCAD, giving them the freedom to create and design what ever they can think of!


Dreaming Wednesday : Using Dreams to actually create something from their dreams! Create a game, a movie, an animation or even a song.


Team Up Thursday : Your child will get a taste of competitive esports, using games such as Rocket League and Super Smash Bros. and teamwork focused Virtual Reality games!


Funday Friday : Your child can choose what previous programmes they liked the best and finish off their projects. Casual gaming

Holiday Programme : April 26 - 29

Daily Schedule












Arrivals and check ins

Day start, class discussion and ideation.

Programme basics and button presses

Using weekly program

Lunch and Free time

Continue using program

Break time

Final program use

Free time

Final Break

Team Building and Cooperative Games

End of day

9:00am     Arrivals and check ins

9:30am     Day start, class discussion and ideation

10:00am   Programme basics and button presses

10:30am   Using weekly program

12:00pm   Lunch and Free time

12:30pm   Continue using program

1:15pm       Break time

1:30pm      Final program use

2:00pm     Free time
2:30pm     Final Break

2:45pm     Team Building and Cooperative Games

3:30pm     End of day

Please complete this form giving us all required information to host your child over the holiday break!
After booking your child in above, fill out the form. This will also be sent by email after purchasing a spot in the programme.